When people say happiness is a state of mind, I swear I try to be happy, but these memories keep creeping up on me, making me feel worthless. I am unlovable. That’s okay, atleast I’ve come to accept that’s how life is. Tearing into pieces but still trying to hold on. I could go on and on. The only way I stop myself from expressing so much is through this app, because at the end of the day no one gives a fuck. I grew up thinking that God would always fight for us because we love him, little did I know he wouldn’t. I hate to see my loved ones in soo much pain when there’s nothing I can do about it. This isn’t the life I wanted. I’m hurt, devastated, lost and angry. I walk around with so much anger in my heart because we are too good to be treated this way and God ain’t even doing nothing about it. Sometimes I wanna end it all, other times I think about my mum and how broken she would be if I do. I’m soo lonely. I hug my clothes in my closet every morning hoping to feel better, but everyday I get worse.

2 years ago

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