story title: empty chapter: prologue Jimmy had always been known as the stern, plain type. Sure, whenever he started filming his personality did a 360 spin. His face would be filled with excitement, his eyes with a special sparkle, and his attitude would be incredible. But this jimmy wouldn’t stay for long. And of course, this didn’t mean he didn’t like his friends or that he was mean to them of camera, but he wasn’t as cheery with them in real life. He still loved his friends more than what they thought he did, he just couldn’t find a way to show it. His friends had always tried to help him find out what it was that had started causing this feeling. This emptiness he felt. Chris had talked to jimmy multiple times and tried to figure out a reason. But soon enough, Chris had started to think he might’ve been a lost cause. If jimmy himself didn’t know a reason, then how could his friends know? Jimmy had millions of subscribers on YouTuber, he had millions of dollars to spend, he had incredible fans and friends, what more could he want? And that’s the question he had found himself asking right now. He was currently lying in bed. It was 6:00am, meaning he still had a few hours to sleep before having to get up. But how could he when the empty feeling kept gnawing on his head. One thing he hadn’t told Chris or any of his friends was that he did have a vague hint of what could be the reason. And part of that hint was the fact that there was a certain cameraman that had caught his eye. And these negative thoughts of emptiness had started to form into positive thoughts about that boy. That boy he loved being around. The boy that brought a smile to his face even when they weren’t on camera. Positive thoughts about that boy…. About Karl. so.... what'd ya guys think?? i feel like the first one was better than this one. but yet again, the first one was erased because of wifi issues. stupid freakin wifi. i hope yall arent disappointed. after all, this is only the prologue. the chapter will be longer than this one. this is just the intro. welp....comment about what ya think of it please! next update will be the official chapter 1. itll be longer, i promise!! -(Jack-o 4)

2 years ago

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