i think i failed my college course :(

so recently i had to give my midterm for my writing class. if im being honest writing is NOT my forte and im still not fluent in the english language, which holds me back from speaking or writing like the other native speakers in my class. what my professor said is that if we fail the midterm for this course, it means me failed the course as a whole... i didn't do really well on the test. i was stressed the whole day and i ended up doing it horribly. i panicked in the middle because of the time left and how i couldnt get my brain to come up with points to write in my essay. i think i've failed it and i'm not sure how what to do. i've been feeling extremely d3pr3ssed since then. the grades are not announced yet but i know i failed and im so scared how to tell my parents i failed :( what do i do someone help me :(

1 year ago

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