I haven't liked my best friend for the past two years. She's such a pick me and tries to act all cute. She claims she has a "flirty personality" but she's really just a pick me. A couple years ago she deleted my Instagram account after I specifically told her not to. Now it won't even let me get the app and I haven't had it since. She isn't even sorry about it and still laughs about it to this day, so about a month ago I deleted her tiktok account which wasn't even close to as bad as it was for me because she could just make a new account and it would be fine. We still weren't even but I guess it would do for then. Then she got my Tiktok deleted too. Today she removed me from her private story and renamed it "people i tolerate." I don't know why she thinks that's a flex towards me because I've hated her for years. She posted a picture that said "Thanks for talking about me Ava I really needed that." My other friend was the one that had to tell me about her saying that. There's so many other things I hate her for too and here's one of them. There's this guy who acts EXACTLY like Bryce Walker from 13rw. I talked to him for a while and every single day for months he'd call me flat and anorexic. We stopped talking probably about a year ago and my friend still continues to talk to him. One time we were all three in a group chat together and he'd constantly say how I didn't have an ass but my friend did. My friend didn't care that he was bodyshaming me, since it was bringing her up. Me and my friends FINALLY got her to block him a while ago but she now follows him so I'm assuming they talk. She always says she hates him but can't stop talking to and about him so I guess it's obvious how she feels about him. I can also rant a lot more but I'm assuming no one is even this far anyway. I just hate my friend so much and am tired of everything. OH and she's a HUGE liberal and always posts stuff about wearing a mask (which is fine I guess because I wear a mask everywhere I go) BUT THEN SHE DOESN'T EVEN WEAR HER MASK EVEN THOUGH IT'S REQUIRED AT MY SCHOOL.

2 years ago

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