So my school is starting tomorrow, and I'm kinda panicking over stupid stuff right now. Which is fun. The thing that's getting me the most, I think, is of course finding my way around to my classes. I mean, none of my friend have my schedule. Another thing that worries me: Are my friends really my friends? Its not like they do anything particularly rude to me, but they don't really include me in anything like Minecraft servers, going out for ice cream, parties, you know. That kind of stuff. They're all really great people who I respect, but they always tell me I'm the "dumb" one in the group even though I haven't really done anything wrong, or weird, or even remotely inconsiderate or oblivious. And to make things worse, only one of my other friends has talked to me this entire summer. I'm so glad I have at least one person that cares. I hope that maybe people will think to include me in everything this year. I've picked out a personality for the year: Quiet and calm. I'm going to do the exact opposite of what I planned last year and see how everybody likes it when I throw my other fake personality out the window and get a new one. Anyway, I'm just worried that nobody will like me. I wouldn't like me. I fucking suck.

1 year ago

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