My ex is a narcissist. She played me good. We broke up cause she said she had to work on her relationship with her kids and she didn’t have time for me. She is 32 and her oldest is 11. She told me this on a Friday. Also need to mention we work together. But when Monday came around she blocked my number and told me at work “if it’s not work related I have nothing to say to you”. Turns out she’s is dating another guy from work and he is 21. So she tossed me like an old toy and lied to my face. I feel bad for the kids because I had a relationship with them. She now is exaggerating everything and telling people how I am harassing her. I was forced to leave my job. She told HR that I have been harassing her and she had saved every text from the day we started dating. We were together for 4 months. I don’t even care she’s with a 21 year old but the fact that she could lie straight to my face and then I don’t even get an explanation is the worst part. She keeps making it seem like I don’t leave her alone when I haven’t even said a word or texted or emailed her. She then proceeded to say her house got shot up and wants to blame me for it. I don’t even own a gun nor do I have it in me to shoot a house where I know the kids are in. I am so mind boggled on who she really is. She even told me to fight with her new boyfriend. It just so crazy how she was a different person when we were together. If you know anyone like her please tell me how you get rid of that bad vibes. I blocked her and her boyfriends number. Oh lord I just don’t know what is happening. I’ll just stop here cause I have a lot more to say but my mind is all jumbled and I’m saying everything out of order. Just needed to let it out.

2 years ago

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