I would walk through Hell and back for you two, a modern Orpheus to thine Eurydice(s).. But I fear every day that I've turned and lost you both forever... I can't lose you, as I see no future without you both in it. I love you. I love you so much and there is no amount of words in the english language that could describe what you mean to me. I merely hope you love me as much...if even a portion. And that you miss me enough to keep me in your thoughts as you linger in mine. I would readily worship the ground you tread on, praise your very being as if you were my world. Distance may separate but it merely makes me fonder - to every trek I make to see you, to hold you. It is worth every second. To see a message from you makes the darkness fade as if it were nothing but a dream.. But alternatively, the silence when I don't hear from you is like a hundred blades within my chest, yearning to shred my heart to ribbons that may bind my emotions into a knot, suffocating me into sadness once more. These past months have been hard...The most I've shed tears in all my life. I only hope that this will be over soon.. That I might see you again.. Hold you.. Love you.. -L.

1 year ago

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