I think I’m sad again. I don’t know but life just kind of sucks it feels like this huge chore and I just feel like there is not really any point to it like I’m just here doing stuff I don’t want to do. Maybe I’m just lonely but at the same time I can’t open up to anyone it’s really hard. Even my best friend (who just now came back into my life) idk if want to be friends with her. I feel all alone but I like it? But I don’t? I wish I wasn’t human I wish I could be a worm or a caterpillar or a jellyfish. I wish I had a hobby I feel like I’m just living to follow rules and I hate it. I don’t want to go to California and I don’t want to hear about Mark or Spencer. I wish I could be a ghost. I think I’m sad and this time it’s worse because there’s no concrete reason for it, I’m just sad cuz living sucks.

2 years ago

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