It's not that bad but i dont trust my friend and they're annoying but we've known each other for a while and well, he's known to be a liar and he'll say stuff that gets me happy and then say "jk" and that makes me sad and he said one of my bestfriends died because he knew them irl and that friend got me through so many suicidal times and im getting really pissed off and then there's my mom. my mom always invalidates me and my brother's feelings and im done with that bullshit. she always talks about the parts im insecure about and she knows i dont like them and shes always getting me to dress girly and she goes through my stuff and isnt accepting and im done with it and my brother always calls me fat and ugly and my mom will yell at me over the littlest things and i always have to apologize and then my mom compares me to her when she was older and has high expectations for me and she skipped like 2 grades and she yells at me and makes fun of me AND ONCE GUILT TRIPPED ME WHILE TRYING TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER im jsut done and i wanna kill myself and get over it like fuck this shit and she's not accepting of me. I'm a young lgbtq child who identifies as a genderqueer omnisexual. I know why and I have reasons to believe so. And at this point my partner is one of the only things keeping me alive. I just want to fucking die if i don't get accepted. I want a fucking haircut. I want to lose these FUCKING TITS. I just want to be accepted

2 years ago

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