Its so dark in here. I cant see anything. Not even a glimmer of light. Its been dark for so long its almost become a comfort. Thinking of death, and what it will be like on the other side. My head feels so heavy, ive got a humpback from looking down. My arms dragging behind me. My legs barely carrying this unbraerable weight on my shoulders. I welcome death. I cant cope and the end is nigh i can feel it. Everyday this world just sucks what little life i have left. Would anyone care if i was'nt here...... No. Littereally. Ive isolated myself from everyone. I hate people. Noone has ever wanted me since birth. Was told that god didnt love me and that I am just so plain most of my life. Im glad i cant have kids.... who wants to bring them into this shit. Depression is a CUNT. I ate for comfort. Weighed 26 stone 145kg. Lost all the weight. No I look like a deflated balloon. Saggy arms, belly legs. No doctors will help me, when they were the ones that mutilated my body further than it already was and now they just say deal with it. I want to die and tonight may be that night. I will do what everyone says and deal with this once and for all. Hell awaits me. Ive given up fighting.

2 years ago

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