My sex fantasies disgust me.. Used like a whore by a gang of narcissist that pretend to like me probably. Walking through the park at night short Black skirt no bra needed no panties See through white tee Shirt Grabbed by my hair thrown against the fence and a knife held to my throat shirt cut open then raped rough I try not to but I cum all over this strange mans dick crying and moaning he watches me try to stop my orgasm And laughs yeah you like that dick don’t you baby I know you want it you nasty little bitch walking around in those clothes begging to be fucked mmm you like that don’t you?he starts sucking on my tit as I try not to love the feeling of his mouth on my nipple licking and biting as he roughly pounds me stretching me Choking me fucking my pussy And finally filling me with his seed he picks his pants up grabs me by my throat and kisses me leaving me crying and hungry for more as his cum triples down out of my used pussy between my thighs I catch some with my index finger and slowly bring it back up rubbing it all around on my clit then bringing it up to my Big pink pouty lips and with a flick of my tongue take a little taste like a cum hungry skank he tasted amazing . Another is my dad using his big fingers on my pretty clit Rubbing circles teasing me getting me nice and wet Pinching and pulling my Perky pink nipples and nibbling them then putting a finger in to check if I’m ready for him I let out a load moan daddy!!! Please give me your cock I’m aching I need to be filled by you I’m begging please dad Your babygirl Needs you... so you give it to me entering slow but your so eager my pussy is stretched tight around your rock hard cock you pound me until I’m cumming on your cock Almost milking your cock but not before face fucking your little girl cumming all over my big perky tits and making me your Little fuck doll then letting all his friends use and abuse me on their birthdays

2 years ago

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