Just here for some advice, if you have any would be appreciated! My brother got married back in December to a woman who he has only known for two months ( not judging, but it was a stupid choice) and she moved in with him right after. Ever since her move I noticed that he never calls any of his family members, never visits the house and barely ever leaves their apartment. When we do see him, she is always at his side like pesky mosquito. And when she’s around he never acts like himself. She’s always yelling at him for problems they have that shouldn’t be said around anyone else. She takes his phone whenever he gets a message/phone call. And she purposely tries to embarrass him in front of other people, calling him names or even bringing up stuff that shouldn’t be brought up. As his younger sister, I offered to beat the shit out of her, cuz she is only a year older than me (21) and I can’t stand the way she treats him as if he is below her. But he swears up and down hes fine and that he would be mad if I did anything to her. The last straw was him coming over 3 days ago with deep scratch marks on his face, arms and legs. I’ve had enough of her and I plan to do something about her. I just really want some advice for my brother because it seems every other male figure in our family is ridiculing him for letting her do that to him. “No real man will ever let his wife treat him like that, show her who’s boss!” Knowing my brother, he won’t retaliate because he is a good man. But I know him hearing all this might be putting a toll on his emotional well being. There’s places for women to go to when they’re getting abused, outlets where they can ask for advice, but what about for men? He shouldn’t feel like because he is a man, he can’t be abused, or that it’s his fault for not being “man enough” to stop it from happening. Please I would like to know how to help him, or how I can help him get the proper help he needs. Anything would be nice! Thank you!

2 years ago

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