the girl who was green the girl who was green wasnt always green. green was her color by default. green was definetly not het first choice just like green isn’t the first choice of others. pink first she was pink like every other little girl. pink lasted awhile and she liked it because she thought girls had to. yellow next she was yellow. why? because she finally realized that girls can like other colors. her friend helped her realize that. orange she then fell in love with orange. a dark deep sunset orange. that was until every time she saw it she saw the embers of her grandmothers cigarette. and it was these cigarettes that lead her to a black dress crying over her grandmothers coffin. blue then she was blue. she loved blue because it was always her art classrooms walls. ever from a young age she loved art because she loved color and being able to express how she viewed the world. red she loved red. she loved it at first until the only time she saw it was stained on her fathers lips. and of course when had little dribbles down his shirt when he was to drunk to guide his glass up yet again. more

1 year ago

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