okay this may sound stupid af but zoe laverne needs to be held accountable for her actions more. people are now switching up on Zoe because she’s pregnant but IDon’t give a flying fuck that she is pregnant and has a baby growing in her stomach she literally said the N-word while she’s white, had sex while baby sitting, manipulates her fans, made fun of her Mexican fans etc.and all you guys care about is her stupid pregnancy. Zoe Laverne is such a bad influence on everybody but now everyone is all like “oh yeah well she’s pregnant so I don’t think she should get hate anymore and she’s on God side now” like what the fuck does that even mean. it makes me so mad that TickTock is literally banning completely innocent people who hasn’t done anything but there are still literal pedophiles that’s still have their account running, like zoe. just because Zoe is having a baby growing inside of her that doesn’t mean that her racism and bad influence in general is like gone or something. her fans only responses would be that “it was in the past” whenever someone makes a comment on how she was racist like honey racism doesn’t expire, it still happened and that will stick with her for the rest of her life.

2 years ago

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