tw!! I sometimes never want to come out of my room. its hard just to get out of bed I wish I could be the happy girl I used to be but now I'm just a depressed 13 year old writing this. I sometimes wanna die but its hard to leave my family. I wanna do s/h but I'm 4 days clean. its hard not to rant to any of my friends they see me as a happy girl. i wanna pull a Hannah baker lol. I just wanna die at this point I have nothing to live for. I almost 0v3r d0sed because I felt so lonely all my friends arent in the states and they understand me so much. my mom and dad literally don't understand what I'm going through and they say they have been there. I told my mom I'm bi she said its just a phase. I cry myself to sleep every night tomorrow i have testing and I'm not ready for in person contact its gonna be soscary because i have adhd and my mom wont be there and im scared to see everybody. I'm only 13 and my parents dont care where i am who i talk to or what im doing one day they wont even care if i run away. im gonna post how it went ig-

2 years ago

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