I've never done anything really crazy in during intimate (segc time) moments, but I just kinda wanna go fuckin feral. Over quarantine I developed an obsession with thighs. I just wanna dive in, be it on a girl or a guy or an enby, and get my head crushed between those beautiful thighs. I wanna kiss em and bite em and go ham. I feel like sex has so many stigmas around it, so I just wanna fuckin let loose and say "fuck you" to all the people who think sex makes you a whore or a slut (usually pertaining to feminine people, sadly) or a weakling if you bust, or a chad if you sleep around (usually for masculine people). Back to my rant; Thighs. Fuck dude, a guy or gal could suffocate me to death when I'm down there and I'd die as a happy dude. I just wanna feel the soft skin all around me as I'm goin ham on their goods and just feel so connected with them. I'm tired of the boring ass sex that people have. I just wanna take the time to really appreciate peoples bodies, cause they're fuckin cool. Sex is a release, but I atleast want it to be enjoyable, not fuckin primal as fuck. I wanna be connected, I wanna have a beautiful moment, and I wanna feel good, and I want the thighs. I want em so bad. This is probably fuckin unbearable to read, but if you've made it this far, good job, mate. thighs thighs thighs. Soft and milky and delicious thighs. (Not as good as what lies between em, but pretty fuckin amazing)

2 years ago

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