I've had enough of this shit! The past two weeks have been absolutely horrible. First. my mom finds out I'm holding hands with my friend of the same gender (just holding hands nothing else) and gives me a two hour lecture about homosexuality and how I'm going to hell for not following the Lord. Then, she starts shit with me again because I HAD (I took it off because of this) a rainbow in my Instagram display name. My best friend's mom apparently told her but I don't believe that because she keeps tabs on what I'm doing on my phone. Then today, I went bowling with my friends. Oh and the day before that, my mom got mad because she thought the person that she thinks is my girlfriend was coming with us. Today after bowling, my parents left to go to Walmart to pick up groceries (my cousin was taking me home) and I find out my friends lied to my parents about their parents coming so they could walk to a restaurant to eat (my parents didn't let me go and wouldn't drive me purely because they didn't want to). I just feel trapped. My friends already apologized and said they'd make it up to me but it still hurts. This situation was out of my hands because I have to comply with everything my parents tell me with a smile on my face. I know my friends wanted me to go with them but at the same time, I would never do that to them because they are my only friends. I don't know what to do. This house feels like prison and my parents don't want me living in a dorm for college because of "money" but they want me under their control for as long as they can. I just want to cry but I'm so numb to this that I can't.

2 years ago

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