I feel like I can't talk to anyone about this so I'm doing it anonymously. Anyway, here goes. I'm an adopted child. I was born to a 16 yr old girl who had mental health issues. She had me with a guy who was the same age as her. They met at school. He took drugs and after I was born was never around. My birth mother didn't have any money to raise me so she was put in a mother and baby centre. But here she would let men in through the window event tho men weren't allowed at this facility. Once I was around 2 we were living in a council house. Here I was sexually abused, physically abused and neglected by her and her friends. This carried on until I was there tho by that time she'd had two more babies, my brothers. They were neglected also and I tried to look after them. I was 4 when things for really bad. Social workers were brought into the situation and it was then that they decided I should be removed and put in the care system. I was too young to do anything or voice my opinion. I was put with two sets of foster carers afterwards and lived with them until I was 6. I couldn't help but feel unwanted. I was lucky, I flourished at school and was a bright child. I had some emotional issues but there's nothing I could have done about that what with the trauma of my past. I was also separated from my two younger brothers who both got adopted by someone else. I was put with a very loving family who treated me lovingly and caringly. I have pictures and scrapbooks filled with stuff about my birth fam but I still miss them and somehow love them too even after all that happened. From what I know now, my birth mum is living with her mum, sister and nephew all of which are adults. But birth dad is in prison for breaking into someone's house and causing serious bodily damage to the person who lived thete . He was sentenced to 10 yrs. It feels good to get that off my chest at last.

2 years ago

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