And I'm harder on myself than you could ever be regardless What I'll never be is flawless, all I'll ever be is honest Even when I'm gone they're gonna say I brought it Even when I hit my forties like a fuckin' alcoholic With a bottle full of malt liquor But I couldn't bottle this shit any longer The fact that I know that I'ma hit my bottom If I don't pull myself from the jaws of defeat and rise to my feet I don't see why y'all even started with me I get in beefs, my enemies die I don't ceasefire 'til at least all are deceased I'm eastside, never be caught slippin' Now you see why I don't sleep Not even a wink, I don't blink I don't doze off, I don't even nod to the beats I don't even close my fuckin' eyes when I sneeze

2 years ago

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