I just feel like I have no energy to do anything with me life i feel so stressed about school and grades to the point where i just want to give up on it. I want to tell my parents about it but they'll think i just want to skip school. Every time I leave my room i feel alone or feel like I have to say/do everything perfectly when i know i don't have to. I have this constant fear of my parents not caring what happens to me or what i want for myself, I'm constantly worrying if my parents want to abandon me for being trans or if they secretly don't want me in the family because of it. I know they care for me but I'm just in a constant of feeling worried, stressed to the point know that i just wanna leave or risk everything just to feel excepted into my family, the only things i really cared about were my dog and cat but since know i only have my cat it's been very hard to keep things together or do things right. The only reason I'm still here is because of my cat, i would say my friends as well but i nearly talk to them as well as twitch streamers i bearly have the energy to go to their streams and they were one if not the only way of feeling like myself or even welcomed in a family like place. I'm so confused about everything in my life i just wish that i was never born a girl cause when i came out that is when it all came down hill for me. I wish I was never born a girl

2 years ago

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