What am I doing here, another try to express myself? Rejected by family, foreigner in a shit and depressing country with no possibility to go back home, work my ass off for everyone and everything and no one notice. I smile everyday and cry every night and as much as I want to tell someone I have absolutely no one to tell. Then I found out that drugs was all I needed to fullfil the gap I have and now I look like Amy Winehouse after the rehab. I was a well happy guy with a great life until move to UK and as soon as I moved my family told me how happy they where because I was finally gone and not allow to go back home. I have no friends, small family of 4 reduced just to me myself and I, two shit jobs 8h each and I don't wanna quit them so I don't sit on my room thinking even more. Not gonna lie I thought about a few things I could do just to stop this and I always end up thinking what if everything changes and have a ridiculous 360° in my life? That would be a fairytale and I know life won't let me be that lucky, I'm a waste of oxygen. Let's see how much longer until I put an end in this pain.

1 year ago

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