My boyfriend and I broke up about a week ago now but we still talk everyday and he still tells me he loves me and misses me. I didnt really text him back yesterday until around 7pm in an effort to move on and when I finally did he said it was nice to finally talk to me. I asked him the other day if there was a possibility that we could take some time apart and then work things out later on when we both feel ready, and he just said he doesnt want to promise anything and get either of our hopes up. I'm just really confused, I dont know what to do because Im so torn between moving on and letting go or waiting it out in hopes he'll come back. It just feels like he doesn't want to let me go and he's trying to figure out what to do but I dont want to ask him anymore because I dont want to push him. Hes basically saying no but acting like he still wants to try to make it work eventually.

2 years ago

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