Ok so someone around me has put some type of audio visual technology in my body. They speak to me and acknowledge what I see 24/7. After my brother died I start back using drugs. Meth. These people speak to me anywhere remotely and say I have meth worms and that my partner knows about al this. I’m in a gay relationship going on 3 years now. They say I’m supposed to be dying or getting killed. The whole set up was collaborative towards my drug use. It’s suppose to throw people off track if I tell them what’s wrong so then instantly everyone would blame the drug. However I’m a B college student, I work, and I am very active in life. I’m very intellectual however using drugs would make one seem to think I’m not. Death is hard for everyone please don’t judge me. I’m not crazy. I have no mental disease and I’ve told my boyfriend aka fiancé all of this same story. He still stays with me. I am well as I type this post but for sure I know the things I feel are man made. I would not ever play about something like this. I haven’t gone to police because the plot was designed to make me out to be mental. I’ve left a full trail of bread crumbs and this is also one of them. While I type this they are reading it and replying as they always do. I’m 29 yrs old and turn 30 on January 22nd 2022. I have endured this now for over a year and a half in order to have the proper information as such. I just called my doctor for a CT scan or Mri. Full body scan x rays etc. my partner knows all of this except that last part about calling my doctor because I just did it. I’m not giving up but I’m more than sure one day a while back I was blindsided and someone did something to my body. I can swear on the heavens that this is no mental matter. You can see from my dialect that I have a sound understanding of things. I’m extremely comprehensive and I am able to do anything the next person can do. I also have an immune deficiency disorder. I know this post will make it to the right people if something is to happen to me. They’re trying to get me alone I’m assuming to die or kill me so then they can take this technology out my body before it reaches an autopsy. I’m saying all this to say leave no page unturned and nothing is to put of the ordinary to be believed. Anyone who knows me knows I would not ever purposely say this without some factual information. The perpetrators are hiding they’re identity.

1 year ago

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