I’ve been so depressed for years now and I’m really thinking about attempting to kill myself, I feel like I have nothing and no one to live for and ppl don’t care to notice anything until I rant about it and they pretend to care. I truly hate myself and I am very ugly and I just want to be beautiful. I hate my past. My mom doesn’t care and she just wishes I didn’t have depression and anxiety. I feel like I get talked about behind my back and that nobody actually loves me. I hate going to school because I eat lunch alone because I have no friends. I harm myself when I have panic attacks because its the only thing that calms me down. I’ve been emotional abused. I need help but I don’t want to help myself because I don’t want to be pitied and my mom makes me feel like I shouldn’t feel this way. People will only show love to me when I’m dead.

2 years ago

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