Im not feeling well my birthday is coming up and im having thoughts about ending my life im about to be 17 and im not ready to deal with life Ive dropped out of school due to anixity Im starting to wish ive stayed because life is going by to fast for me Ive never had any friends growing up i feel like a monster due to my obsession with eating Im very overweight and its causes me to have back problems and health issues i feel ugly and worthless My only friends are friends online I try and get help but due to corona no one will take me in Not for health or mental health It feels like theres something crawling inside me and eating away at my stomach neck and heart Im having relationship problems too im almost never there for them and its starting to make them mad Everyone says im useing "I wanna die" As some sort of joke,bribe or something like that But i truely do not want to be here im depressed and theres nothing left for me but disappointment

2 years ago

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