I lied to my therapist about my mental health I've faked Bing okay because I don't want anyone to worry about me or anythging, nit to mention she always compares my depression with my sister and makespecially me feel like shit because my problems aren't as bigs as hers. I really want to open up but I don't want to hear the same story saying how it's fake and that I'm doing it for attention because Im not. I just want to feel okay again, there's countless nights I've wanted to end it all but I've stopped myself because of my online friends and my cousins, they're the only ones not making this world seem like shit. my parents just tell me to just be happy but I cant, I forgot how to smie. Did I mention I'm bisexual? I have more interest in woman tho, I'm ftnb. I was gonna go with a friend to celebrate her birthday with her family but since her family is homophobic my parents didn't let me go, I started to look up online how to be straight because I want to be normal I don't want to keep my love hidden from people...i hate being me

2 years ago

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