I came out to my older sister in a hot topic with a pin. I told her that i was serious and she said oh okay i dont care it's fine. I was really happy. ( btw i came out as pansexual) Then a few weeks later i went to a family party. My older brother ( who is gay btw) came up to me and said .'' So you're gay?'' i was so confused and worried and my heart was racing, i said hesitantly,'' yes..'' and he said,'' You're too young to know, it's a phase,'' i was so heartbroken. I went through the party upset and i wnated to cry so bad. Then i texted my older sister that why she outed me to her whole family ans she said,'' I didnt know if you were joking,'' I FUCKING TOLD HER I WAS SERIOUS WTF IS WROGN WITH HER FUCK HER I WANTED TO SLAM HER HEAD AGAINST A FUCKING MOTHER FUCKING WALL. then i told her i said that i was serious and she said if dosent matter. and my other sister had a talk with her and she called me dramatic and sensitive because SHE FUCKING OUTED ME!!!!! am i being dramatic?

1 year ago

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