so i dont know what is happening right now in my life. i was so happy a little while ago. everything was enough for me. now i just find myself being sad all the time. i get mad so fast too. earlier in the year i lost all my friends and i just can’t get close to any other people. i try so hard but it’s so difficult for me. people are either not good for me or we just don’t get along. i was friends with the “popular kids” and now i get made fun of for the people i hang out with. i care way too much about what people think so i feel so embarrassed. the worst part about having basically no friends is that i can’t tell people things. whenever i’m excited about something i have to keep it to myself and it fucking sucks. i’m doing really good in school right now and i just want someone to really acknowledge it. not the fake shit the people i talk to say. when i talk to the people that i guess am friends with they just reply with some stupid shit like “cool” or “that sucks” the only person who was supportive of me likes me now and it makes me super fucking uncomfortable. i dont go out anymore. my snap memories used to be full of me and my friends and now it’s just my pets. people say learn to love yourself , but i tried that, it’s not enough for me. i want to go to a new school and meet new people but this is too much to explain to my mom. god i wish i could tell her this. she thinks i’m so happy. i cant tell anyone this so here i am :/. it’s not like this is gonna do anything for me.

1 year ago

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