Mom: "Why should I knock [on your bedroom door]? I shouldn't have to knock anyways, it's not like you pay the bills." Me: "I can't afford to pay the bills." Mom: "Well, even if you had the money, you wouldn't be paying them." This was a recent occurrence I had with my mother not too long ago. It just confuses me as to how paying bills has to do anything with my privacy. Plus, as a parent, that's your responsibility; you are the adult in this situation. You're right it's not like I pay the bills because I am a child, barely a teenager at most. It's crazy how I'm supposed to give you privacy, but I do not receive any in return. I could care less that you have seen "everything," I just want to be able to have me-time just for a few minutes. Is that too much to ask for? I can't even lock my door to change clothing without her saying "I know you're not locking doors in this house." Damn, I might as well share a room with you. At one point, she took down my older brother's bedroom door, and he was uncomfortable, embarrassed, and miserable. I don't know why she's like this, but I wish she wasn't. I have been holding this shit in for so long because every time I bring up something she may not agree with, I end up getting lectured and yelled at. It's not even like I do it in a rude or disrespectful manner either. I literally just say "Hey, I wish you didn't do ____ because _____." My bad, didn't know I was supposed to be a robot, take everything like a champ, and "be a tough cookie." If you were going to treat me like this in the first place, then why the hell did you have children? You're doing the same thing your mother did to you as a child. Honestly, think that both my mom and Nana need therapy, because it seems like both have just been taking out whatever's going on in their lives on other people. I don't know, I'm just tired of this shit, I just want to relax in my bedroom and talk to my friends on the phone. - C My apologies for any misspellings, at the moment, I do not feel like proofreading/revising it.

2 years ago

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