What's this called..?

I'm male 16 and I I'm not gay but my best friend and I did something "gay" with eachother we have always been close friends sense childhood lots of sleepovers even bathing with eachother when we were young but now it's all been weird we both watched porn together..and even masturbatied with eachother at that moment I wasn't thinking right he touched me and I didn't do anything but look at him while my mind was hot and he jerked me off till I came. I guess after that he'd touch me when we had sleepovers and we talked about it saying "it was sex practice" so I wasn't bothered but we never went to far but jerking off and now he's touching me other then my dick. He kisses me on the neck and sucks me off I enjoy it cause my mind is hot and not in the moment I imagine him as someone else but then he asked me to jerk him off and I hesitated but then he put my penis with his and jerked up both it felt so good he came first and sucked me off after that we both just went normal it's been 7 days sense that happened we both calmed down and now he wants a sleepover tomorrow and I guess I'll make him feel okay sense were best friends. I'm not gay and he isn't at least I think..i don't wanna ruin anything so I'll continue this sex practice with him. What's this thing called to have sexual things with your best friend and your not gay or something like this..

1 year ago

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