I’m scared of being an adult or even a teenager. I don’t want to worry about money or bills. My parents are always saying that if I get a good job I’ll be able to pay the debt off from collage in 4 years. I would like to b the first person in my family to go to collage but I’m am scared. If I don’t go I’ll be kicked out. If I go I’ll hav ego pay debt and go to collage and probably have a job I hate. That’s my biggest fear I don’t want to have annoying children or have a significant other who drinks and has problems. I don’t want to grow up. I just want to go back to when I didn’t have to deal with this. My parents don’t even realize their making me grow up too fast. I’m scared of what will come next. When I mean growing up is my biggest fear I don’t mean dying either I could care less about that. I just don’t want all the hardships that’s all.

2 years ago

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