I think about identifying as male a lot. I fantasize about having short but fluffy hair (picture for reference), about being able to wear men's clothes without being criticized by my parents, about wearing black, not having to wear make-up or doing my hair or wearing dresses, lots of things along those lines. Most of these things I fantasize about are mostly because I know my parents would never let me do it as long as I live with them. Along with this, I've realized that I don't mind any kind of pronouns. He/Him, She/Her, They/Them; I feel fine with all of them. But, given the fact that my mom literally just doesn't understand the whole LGBTQIA+ and that my dad is Transphobic, they would not accept it, and probably ground me for it! They give me these long lectures about how Gen Z is weak, how we're lucky to live the way we do, and how we're just going through a phase, and how we just try to diagnose ourselves with problems for attention, but then they turn around and say "We don't want you to think that you can't talk to us" but if they wanted me to be more open about what I truly feel and want to look like, they wouldn't shoot me down the 2 times I came out as Demiromantic (saying I was too young to know) and invalidate all the ADHD symptoms I relate to. In short, I have many things to look forward to when I move out.

1 year ago

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