I am head over heels in love with a coworker. This woman is perfect in every way. Her voice, her personality, her face, her hair everything. She's so goofy and funny and I absolutely adore her. She always wants a hug every day and I want to hold her everytime and not let her go. The only problem: of course... she's married. And not only that she's married to a jerk who does not appreciate her and uses her for sex and to support him. He hasn't worked in 5 years. I wish you could see how much in love with her I am. I've never ever felt this way. I've had dreams about her. I've had times when she was too busy to talk to me or not give me a hug and it ruined my day. This has been going on since 2015. My feelings haven't changed. I don't feel like things will ever change. It sucks bc she's married and will never leave the man who mistreats her. She's incredibly loyal to him. I don't understand it. She deserves so much better. She is seriously everything I've ever wanted in a woman. And I can't have her. It's heartbreaking and depressing. Some people think it's wrong to have feelings for a married person but you can't help how you feel. I've never told her and never will. She's married for one, and I'm afraid if I told her, she'd get weirded out by it and stop being my friend. If that happened I'd be devastated. I'd rather have her in my life as a friend than not have her in my life at all. So I'm stuck having to work with someone I'm absolutely crazy for and it hurts so bad. I honestly wish I'd never met her. At least I wouldn't have to endure this torture on a daily basis

2 years ago

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