please do not continue reading this if you are stubborn, narrow-minded and refusing to accept truth. I have to say this. Go ahead and downvote me to hell, but the only Genders that exist are Male and Female. It will be like this forever, even if some people don’t like it. Buuuut. You can always change your genitals, therefore changing your gender. And that’s okay. Whatever you do with body is okay. But don’t hate other people for that, it’s childish. Look, the facts don’t revolve around your emotions. Or how you feel. Flat earth earthers think earth is flat, so does that make it flat? No, same sense could be applied to the gender thing. Physical sex is defines your gender, your biology and makeup does not revolve around your feelings. I’ve tried to understand and even support this, but every time I do I simply can’t because it’s wrong. It’s pretty upsetting that I’m called a bigot for thinking rationally. Instead of basing fact off of my emotions and little fantasies.

2 years ago

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