I'm in my 30s and I had a stroke. It was horrible. The doctors and nurses at our ER were negligent and caused me semi-permanent injury because they thought I was just having a period headache. My husband acted like I was a nuisance because he couldn't be home playing video games. I spent a week in the hospital and my husband used it as his vacation: taking days off of work so he could come and sleep in the hospital room (stealing my pillow and blanket from my hospital bed), and then staying up all night at home playing video games with his friends. He left our kids with my parents the entire time. I honestly think he was angry when I went home. Because my doctor misdiagnosed me in the ER, I was in agony for days and it caused me untold damage. All because the doc felt I was just "having a period" and my husband refused to help me get anyone to listen. Hell, my husband wouldn't even get me an extra blanket. He just wanted to be angry and play on his phone. But now I'm trying to file a complaint against the ER doctors, and my husband is acting like it was all my fault and I should let it go. I don't get why he feels like my existence is such an inconvenience all of the time. I'm seriously considering a divorce.

3 years ago

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