CHAPTER 1 It was now 9:00 am and jimmy still didn’t have the will in him to want to get out of bed. Since he had been awaken at 6:00am because of his thoughts, he hadn’t slept any more. It was his usual routine. Getting enough hours of sleep and then the usual 1-3 hours of staring at the ceiling. He sat up on his bed and ran his fingers a few times through his hair. They needed to film today around noon. It’ll be best if he would get up and get ready once and for all instead of somehow being late to the warehouse. Getting up from his bed, he started up a shower and got ready for a new day. Woohoo…… Jimmy’s POV: Great. Another day of smiling to the camera while doing a stupid silly challenge. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I didn’t like filming, it was more that sometimes I saw it more as a job than some fun, few hours… or days…. Filming my friends being tortured for some prize. I ultimately loved the idea of millions of people enjoying our videos. And I freaking loved the feeling I got whenever I did some good deed to someone. Whether giving money to someone in need or giving a car to a random person. Just seeing the happiness on their faces lighted up my day. I mean, soon afterwards when we were done doing the good deeds that empty feeling in my chest always came back. I started to put on a random hoodie from my merch store because, I mean, why not. Its what we always do. Wear our own merch so people will buy it. its how the world works. Were going to film who can stay the longest in a hot tub. A simple video idea but ill bet millions of people will still watch it… I hope. And today we’re going to let one of the cameramen come on in and join the video. Chris had asked me why I put another contestant in the challenge, seeing that we already had 4 people in. I told him that the cameraman had bugged me to let him in. but honestly it was just my own bugginess. I had asked him a week before. He first had said no because he had never done something as crazy. But I didn’t give up because I wanted this specific cameraman to win. I want… I want Karl to win. Karl had been a cameraman for a few weeks now…. But since he came to work, he had started to grow on me. he could even make me laugh and smile off camera. something even Chris doesn't do often. which kinda throws me off. and i love that. every chance I get to be with him off or on camera i take it. the idea of asking him to officially join the crew had crossed my mind multiple times. way too many. he had only been a cameraman for a few weeks. and who knows. Chris, chandler, or any one from the crew might be pissed if he does become part of the crew. Karl might even say no to the offer. but i wouldnt force him. i shake my head a little to clear out all the rubbish thoughts in my head. i grab my car keys and head out to the warehouse. woohoo... so..... you might think, this is going no where, but i dont want to make a too long chapter. so instead im gonna divide this chapter in two pieces :D next chapter karl and all the other guys will finally appear. PS im gonna try to make jimmy a blushy guy in the next chapter. cuz... why not lol. pleeease comment what you think about this chapter... i personally think its fine. nothing interesting is going on yet but trust me, next chapter will be filled with blushy and shy jimmy, and a bit of humor from chris. so chapter one part two will be posted in a bit. see yall until then! :3 -(Jack-o 5)

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