I know this might not be the biggest deal but...I'm a sixteen year old girl. I suffer with anxiety. I have ups and downs sometimes I feel like it's not even there other days it's horrible and I have to lay in bed all day. I'm conflicted I know I could be a better girlfriend, and best friend but it's so hard. I just got invited to my best friends sweet 16 so it's like an actual party which is a huge anxiety trigger. I know I should go but...I physically feel the start of a panic attack just thinking about it. There will be weed there which i do feel a little calmer when i'm smoking but i just can't get over the fact it's a party. I've blown her off so much to be by myself or with my boyfriend. I'm a horrible friend like actually lmao. So I know I should go. It just hurts to think about going. Any ideas on what I should do?

2 years ago

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