Am i homophobic? Growing up my parents have always been saying ew to two boys or girls kissing They never said it was wrong but they just didn't like it So naturally Ive grown to joke about calling people gay, You see at my current age Im all about the "Idc you do you love is love" but ive Actaully got issues with the LGBTQ+ Community Not all of them but some of them And before i explain further I wanna say I Know im not oppressed but understand if your gonna be rude its gonna effect people no matter what condition your in,I happen to be in my own mental state of health where if i get called anything ima cry. So basicly My question is how does one person from the LGBTQ+ community thinks its okay to say "Stay away from the straights" "Straight people are boring" I understand straights are the main sorce saying you cant be you but did u rlly have to drag me in? Im not even sure if im straight but i know i get offended by this. Second Gender Confuses me How is trans involved in LGBTQ+ like i understand its the T but WHY I think Trans is a mindset Hear me out, Boys favorite color is blue,Girls favorite color is pink,Boys want to play with cars and not dolls, Gender in that way is a mindset because its not true so isn't becoming a different gender a mindset? its hard for me to explain but The only thing your doing by becoming trans is Changing ur gender appearance Like if your non binary or something and don't feel like ethier genders Why exactly does that matter Isnt gender identification for a species? Trans don't make sense to me and no one explains it When i ask too many questions people are always like "¬_¬ your a homophobe" Yea no i have questions i generally want answered

2 years ago

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