So I'm in my early 20's and just started a new career that I really love. My boss is almost twice my age, married, and a fantastic, really great guy but he's definitely flirting. It's a small workplace and he's the only guy so he kind of does it to all the staff and everyone is pretty good-humored about it. But lately, I think he's sort of singled me out. He gave me a pay rise out of nowhere even though I've only been working there for 6 months, he helped me with something recently (financially, I tried to pay him back but he was really insistent I let him help me), sends me texts daily (we joke about him having too much to drink, etc), he tells me frequently he thinks I'm gorgeous and amazing (sometimes he tacks on that he values my friendship a lot, but it kinda feels like an afterthought). It's escalated a bit recently. We're on the road a lot (for work), and when he can he asks if I'd like to go with him (I always say yes). There have been a few times we've gone out for dinner late or he's helped me with something and he's lied to my co-workers about what he was doing after work, found some way to touch me, or tickle me. The list kinda goes on, but the point is I'm pretty sure he's flirting but not sure how far he actually wants to take it. He genuinely loves his wife and sometimes when I think, he thinks he feels tempted he'll call her, and then the evening generally seems to end pretty abruptly after that. Eg. Recently I had a party to go to after work, it was late so I said I would close up and he could go home. My real reason for wanting him to go was because the outfit i was wearing was pretty revealing (not ashamed to say I looked fucking amazing) and I thought it might be weird, but he insisted on staying. When I was ready I came out and he was definitely starring, he asked me if I wanted him to stay and I said no that was ok. He suddenly said I think I'd better go home and see my kids, got into his car, and called his wife. The next day I had a very flattering message. I really like him, he's a genuinely nice guy, we have great chemistry, I don't mind the touching, and I like the way all the compliments and stuff make he feel but I don't want to put him in an awkward position or hurt his wife (she's also lovely). I thought maybe I should back off but I'm worried it might damage our friendship. Am I reading to much into harmless workplace flirting? Advice? (Please just be blunt and honest)

2 years ago

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