I have nothing in my life and no reason to go on. I don't want to live. I have too much pain, too much emptiness. Dear Lord, show me mercy and take my life, free me from the pain and agony that I'm suffering through. I need this to end, I can't go on living this life of turmoil. I have no future, no happiness, no peace or joy. I have nothing to live for. Why does He leave me broken and in despair? Why God? I'm begging with all my heart, end my life, please let me go. There's no one out there who will help. Insurance companies will not pay to fix our bodies after we work three and a half years 6 to 7 days a week to lose the excess weight they leave us with hanging skin fat hanging off our bladder so is males or penises practically inverted and we have to keep lifting it and moving it just to pay every day then wash yourself off afterwards an exhausting task. All I'm asking is for a little help to fix my body and get my transgender surgery I've paid all my dues I've paid all my taxes in my life and now that my insurance will pay for my transgender surgery the doctors are still making me wait 12 to 18 months because I suffer from depression before they'll clear me for surgery everything we try to do is deny Us by the college educated no matter if you decide it's from the police judicial Justice the medical establishment of America the political establishment it's all comes down to college educated people who are constantly denying the working class and the poor what they need to have happy lives. I'm so depressed I can't stand myself or anyone else around me I've learned to hate the white race because that is where all my rejection has come from in my life all the people that help put up walls that I couldn't possibly jump over all the surgeries that are above us looking good after losing weight are only affordable to the college educated who get $25 an hour to $100 an hour and the rest of us get absolutely nothing we're standing in food bank lines we're getting $800 a month from social security SSI to survive and no one is helping us have better lives why we watch all of our billions of dollars going to Israel and the Middle East every year a few times a year as did our stimulus money that was left over went to Israel Syria and afghanistan. What are we doing wrong one of these politicians doing to us we're being rejected even our civil rights are being chipped away and no one is helping us. And there's no way to get the word out how badly we're suffering as white Americans because nobody wants to talk about it. American whites have enslaved every race that's come to this country and now they're doing it to their own all I find is rejection rejection rejection and then when you finally get to talk to a surgeon they're incompetent and they're like 30 years old what happened to all the skilled surgeons over 50 has this turned into Nazi Germany where they've replaced all the confidence surgeons with young people who will work for less? I don't understand what's happening to America I think there's something in the bottled water that all college educated people from political systems the judicial system the medical system on down are all college educated and drink bottled water their perceptions are twisted their professionalism has been less than perfect and they're doing nothing but denying people while they're charging our insurance companies for their office visits. I'm depressed I need to have my body fixed after a massive weight loss I don't want to live with the small infractions that I have such as my ass running down into my legs instead of having a nice bubble ass you can see where I need serious serious help I don't want to be an inhuman thing I want to be human why can't I find help for this why is insurance companies rejecting us I'm covered on Medicaid as well as Medicare Blue Cross first keystone first and still it's not enough to get me the medical surgeries and the help that I need to return me to an attractive person because I'm not an ugly person but I feel like I'm defective and I'm pissed off and I'm angry and I'm frustrated and I'm depressed and for some reason when we are rejected from government and medical agencies for help left like a dog on the side of the road who was run over by a car, we want to hurt ourselves. Instead of the people who are keeping life from us they're keeping happiness they're keeping the cure from us. We're being ruled by government like we never have before and when we don't play along with the establishment and go to college they ignore us and deny us everything we need what we need is a revolution to wake up government and the college educated that we are not your dogs on the end of a chain respect us we deserve to have our surgeries covered to give us the bodies we need to be happy to have interrelationships romantic relationships social relationships without feeling depressed and taking medications to numb our minds like religion does why you get it ALL!

2 years ago

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