What is love ? Be with someone who doesn't care ""l? Be crying here by yourself? Be alone all the time? Be blamed for everything ? No that's not love... that's just scary to be alone. Love is different. Love is there for someone all the time .Honey nobody deserves to talk to you the way they decided too. U need someone who will care about you. Who will tell u to wear a warm clothes who will ask u what u want . If u want ice cream in a middle of the night he will take u there . Who will want u all the time. This person will be so in love with u that they want even think what is life without u. They will be there doesn't matter what or how they just gonna be there. They will kiss u any time even if it's two in a morning and they sleeping. They will just wait on your kiss while they sleeping. And if u drinking they will make sure to make you happy even if it's not possible because they love u they love doesn't matter what. They will be nice and not gonna use mean worlds they won't make u cry they won't u be by yourself. Sometimes i just want to have a gun to shoot myself and I think nobody would stop me besides my parents hopefully my mom never gonna see this I have so much n ain that it makes me think that I'm sick... for no reason. Wow I ask sex from u froŠ¶ m my boyfriend I thought that's what supposed to happen I don't understand u I just don't I feel sad and worthless why u need me ? I just don't understand anything anymore. I don't understand you . I don't understand myself wtf is wrong with me ?Who am I?Why am I still here ? Why do I care? When u are always nice and u are always there for someone how is that fair to u? How?

2 years ago

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