At work I am taking on a lot of leads. Then the managers gave me the leads of those who quit. I said it was fine. More people quit I got the leads. I said it was fine. We got a new system everyone is asking for help I help because I say that it's fine. They can't get caught up on their work so I do it. Managers give me more to do because I say that its fine.. But it's not fine. I smile and pretend I got this but some days I wanna break down. I don't want them to not ask me to help and I want to make sure everyone is happy.. but I'm not. I'm a doormat. In my head I tell them no I can't I have too much to do. But I just smile and say I got this no worries. I stress out at my desk quietly so no other departments hear. Everyone I work with says I'm so helpful, so kind, so nice "You're always so happy and positive" *I'm crying inside* "You're always so helpful" *I'm swamped. I'm never gonna finish* But I'm afraid that they won't like me or they'll be mad if I tell them I don't want to help them. I'm already alone in my department I don't want to be alone altogether at work.

2 years ago

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