Dear Ryan my love, Today was our first date after dating for a month and a week today it’s Wednesday July 21st 2021 , the date was amazing I’m so thankful to have a handsome and cute boyfriend who treats me right, I hope u feel the same… even tho I was scared to meet ur bro in the end I was fine. Anywho I want u to know I love you SOOOO FUCKING MUCH MY HANDSOME man can’t wait to have our second date! Hopefully we stay longer this time… thank u for the paper rose, thank u for treating me right thank u for being here for me thank you for tolerating me when I get mad thank u for not calling me names…. Ryan my love I love you ! I hope one day you see this message ❤️ Thank you for making me smile 😊 I hope everyone who reads this gets with their soulmate and feel real love just like I did

2 years ago

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