I am tired, once again I find myself writing about the same shit I was writing about in the beginning of my story. When will I be enough? When will it be enough? People aren't worth it, they all leave, i sleep all day, eat everything, and then get good grades, so now I am going to an ivy league school, sin't that great !! I have a future !! amazing to have a future where you'll be again tied up where you started. What am I doing? Do any of us actually know what this shit is, life I mean? How it works? Cause let me tell ya I have a whole list of claims against the creator. He got be raped as a kid, bullied, harassed by classmates, divorces parents, stepmom and step daughters, fat, asthma, now cancer.... I mean, where is it enough? I am just 19 years old and I feel that I have thought more about life and death than an old man. Why does everyone continue with their lives as if nothing happens? Where does that leave me? I finally understand why villains in movies destroy everything, it is to be remembered, deep down it is. For the first time I find myself wanting to be the villain of someones life, and be important at least to someone.

2 years ago

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