If only I had the balls to text you this

I miss you. I still can’t tell if you were just using me to make yourself feel validated or not. Or if I was just some sort of temporary happiness. I just want it to be the way it was again. I just want to go back to cuddling with you, kissing your neck and telling you I love you. Because I do. I know that it’s been 3 months since we’ve last seen each other now, and we live miles apart. You seemed really into me at the time, and I was really into you. I still am, I just wasn’t good at showing it. This huge amount of love for you but only grains of it got expressed. I was so shy. Nobody really showed me affection and validated me as much as you did. You made me feel like I was enough, when nobody else really has. I’m sorry things have to had ended between us. We had so much fucking potential and it only went places for a week. It all happened so fast my love. My uncle told me that one of the saddest things to exist is wasted potential, and I’m really starting to see what he’s talking about now. With such a hands-on experience. I don’t know if you feel the same connection anymore, we haven’t talked in almost a month now…. I don’t know if I’ll ever find anybody as perfect and amazing as you. Or anybody that I’ll click with as perfectly as I did you.. I love you, and I really wish I didn’t because I know you don’t anymore. It feels like your a part of me and… I hope I’m not coming off as too strong or clingy. You’ve probably found someone to replace me by now. Hopefully someone better, so it won’t be hard to find. I didn’t deserve you anyway. I should be grateful I even got to have something as precious as you for a sheer minute. So thank you for being the light of my life…. For I don’t know how long.

1 year ago

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