I hate this whole thing about KAM and shit. It’s so messed up and it’s ruined my mental health. I’m not trying to defend the rapists and abusers and stuff but I’m saying WE AREN’T ALL LIKE THIS. A feminist is someone who wants equality for both genders and not just females and keep being toxic towards males. It’s disgusting. I’m sorry that women need to go through this and again I’m not defending these horrible men but please it’s not all men. You think it’s fair that we have to watch every little thing we do now. You think it’s fair growing up as 13 year old boy, and having to experiment “KAM” every fucking day? I know that’s it’s “enough men” but then don’t say men. That generalises it. Men literally means all men. This whole curfew is bullshit. Takes away our rights and freedom just because one shitty guy fucked it up for the rest of us. Some of us who are actually caring, understanding, and not perverted?? And again. I’m not defending the rapists and murderers and shit. And I’m sorry that women need to experience this everyday.

2 years ago

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