Me and my friends created a terrible drug. We fused abunch of energy drinks. This drug can only do 2 things to you: A- Make you happy and act all goofy. Or B- Turn you into a psychotic monster. Last night me and my best friend Victor went to a shopping center and took the shit, we both changed in a terrible way. I remember both of us looking in the mirror with our eyes bloodshot red. As someone who already suffers from psychosis, this is dangerous for me to take. Every time you take a swig of this shit you feel your entire cardio system shut off for afew seconds, then It comes back on extremely strong. It also makes your ears ring and see things in different colors. I’m trying to convince my friend to get rid of it. We’re both in high school and he wants to sell it to other people. I don’t know what I can do to stop him. I’m too young to go insane, I don’t want to go to jail man. Please help I’m running out of options.

2 years ago

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