This is more advice for EVERYONE reading this. For depression, anxiety, anger problems or suicidal thoughts - distance yourself from people who make this worse - ^ this site can help you just text someone who will def help you (you don't have to be suicidal to talk) - 800-273-8255 for suicide prevention line to speak - listen to lots of music, this soothes anxiety ex: heat waves, I write sins not tradgedies, put your records on, etc - write your feelings out on websites like this where you can write anonymously - scream to let your feelings out and punch your pillow - spend time with your friends or whoever makes you forget about your problems (go to the mall, fair, or sum) - if you don't have many friends, GO BY YOURSELF, I find this fun a lot of the times (go to rides at the fair, go to the spa, plug in your earphones and listen to music as you run down the street) - think about the joys you have in life more than what you struggle with - dance in your room with music on, this really helps For addictions to drugs or smoking - EXCERSISE A LOT, this makes you feel so much happier - go for runs on your street - challenge yourself to do it less frequently FIRST before completely stopping, set short term goals - if you've been addicted to doing it every single day, try only doing it every OTHER day for one month (you can record your progress in the comments if you want. after a month of SUCCESSFULLY doing this, now only do it 2-3 times a week for another month. after finally successfully doing this, try only one time a week for a while, and if your ready for it you CAN eventually stop completely. BE PATIENT. - if someone else is struggling with the addiction, do the challenge with them so you feel more motivated - for every week you smoke or do drugs LESS frequently than you usually do, even if this is by the smallest amount, reward yourself by getting icecream or a sweet treat, or tell me in the comments! - hang out with people who do it less, this is so much more motivating For relationships - remember, your no1's therapist - don't feel like your struggling to save a relationship, your better than this - DO NOT FEEL LIKE YOUR SECOND BEST, you should feel like a priority and not like an option - only confess when your ready, you can wait and value your friendship with sum1 if your younger, and wait to date them when your older - i suggest only getting into them during highschool, anytime earlier may have an impact on your mental health and is going to feel like a regret later on - remember, 50 percent of students by the very end of their twelfth year never had a relationship, so don't feel pressured - feel selfish and focus on yourself. if you can't do that, then your not truly ready. be patient and when your ready than get into one. you don't want the other person to feel drained and you don't want yourself to feel drained - be BOLD when you actually are ready, who cares in the end?? if they say no, that experience will be something you laugh at later on in life :) For people who are genuinely hurting other people - distance yourself and let them and yourself grow, it's one of the best things I ever did For EVERYONE - remember, there are so many people going through the same things as you, and if you feel like you never see any people like you, just go on anonymous platforms like this and communicate through comments and let your thoughts roam free - i myself have felt worthless and felt anxious many times but know that if I ever let those thoughts get the best of me, I would never get the experience of high school i wanted. - :) smile rite now!! yes I'm looking at you

2 years ago

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