Am i being dramatic? My sister has been on this app where you meet people and you can live stream there with a bunch of people I hate being on camera and i dont like talking on camera so i distance myself from her when she's on facetime She has been live streaming on and off everyday for almost 2 weeks She says i dont hang out wiht her anymore and i told her its because im busy ( and because everytime we do "hang out" she just always spills evrything on me and is toxic overall) and she replies with ." and after you come afterschool what are you doing?!" i said ," I eat" she said " And after that?!" me: " I do homework.." her: " And after?!" me: " i relax..." Her: AND YOU CANT HANG OUT WITH ME?!" me: " umm idk i kinda liek the living room." She thne goes on and on about how selfish i am and i am going to need her one day when she is gone and i dont deserve her and she goes around telling her friends and my brother that i " dont love her anymore" when i dont really have a place for her in my heart. I then told her ." can u stop, you're being childish and rude, i dont hang otu eith you because you're mean all the time, you always make me clean your mess, and you never care about my feelings , JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" she then says ." You're the toxic one, youre being dramatic and annoying, see what youre doing now, i wouldnt do that, you ruined the whole mood now.'' and just want her to leave so bad, her talking to me is so stressful because im scared she'll hit me if i say the wrong thing.

1 year ago

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