You come over 3 days before my birthday. I work fast forward to the day before. You get annoyed by the way my family is because they like having the “family” time. You get annoyed because we finish watching a movie and then talk as a group a few moments after, saying by the my sister when she is leaving. You start being the buzz kill in the area. Maybe rude comments back to someone who was clearly joking with you. All on the day before my birthday. I exit and go to my room giving you a way out just because I figured that was the best move. I calmly and caringly ask you what’s wrong, what’s bothering you and then you proceed to reply with “nothing, I just don’t want to stand/sit out there and do nothing when there is a bunch of people.” You’ve been to my house many times before, you know this is what happens so why are you being like this.. all on the day before my birthday. Then you lay in my bed and I later come to join you. And you ask me what is wrong but how am I supposed to tell you when I know it would just cause a huge fight and I don’t want that.. on the night before my birthday. I’ve been trying to please you all this time everyday, making sure you are comfortable, have a drink, have food, having the best time as much as I can make it happen. But my family doesn’t want me to be locked in my room, they want to give me company with you because it is my birthday and we don’t know what’s going to happen in a year from now.. so I ask, why are you acting like this on the night before you birthday then want me to feel bad for you?

2 years ago

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